....The Moment I Saw You (Best Love Poems)

The moment I saw you
I could barely contain
All the butterflies jumping
It's hard to explain.

My coolest persona
Just melted away
And my words came out jumbled
I forgot what to say.

I felt rather foolish
And thought you would leave
But the smile you then gave me
I still can't believe.

The first time I saw you
You blew me away
But your smile still disarms me
When I see you each day.

(October 2008)

by Charles Wiles

Comments (3)

I like this unvarnished portrait of destitution. The lines ring true, from the unpleasant realities of sleeping in a room full of men with constitutions under attack from poor diets and substance abuse to the listless wanderings up and down the streets. Perfect.
I have been homeless for six months before reading this man and i love hime
Brings to mind Stephan Crane's The Men in the Storm and deftly evokes the same sinking despair for the marginalized, those who rot in cold lonliness.