If love made flowers grow, what would you raise for me?
A field full of Dandelions, weeds, only to be blown away with the wind?
That’s fine with me darling,
Even Dandelions were full of life at one point.
What would I grow for you?
A valley of Forget-Me-Nots, so you would know that I’ll always come back?
A meadow teeming with Bleeding Hearts, so you’ll know the pain you caused?
Rows and rows of Milkweed, so we could watch the seeds drift away like how we used to?
No, because my love for you would grow the Garden of Eden,
With pillars full of Ivy towering over your head
Trees teeming with fruit to last us an eternity,
(If it would stay.)
But see, my garden would not be equal of God’s love,
In fact, it’s much less.
For it would be barren during the loveless season of Winter

by Chris Haifley

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