(2 April 1788 – 20 February 1862 / Barrio Panginay)

Fill Your Heart With Goodness.

When you think only good
about others your heart
will be full of goodness.

Thinking only good about
others is a very great Adoration.
It makes you a spiritual being.

It is disease which is contagious.
Health is not contagious.

Bad thoughts and untrue news
spread very fast ifluencing the thinking.

Bad prejudices acquires a good
place in the heart of human beings.

They are blessed who have a good heart.

(this is very simple writing. with simple writings we convey a lot.
Basic Human Goodness The inner heart Is like the sun That beats forth rays of love)

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How can i summarised this poem
i know this is translation but who did it? ? ?
A lament that cries out for vengeance, very heart-felt lament. Apparently he had a very difficult life as a poet and perhaps he added his deep pain about that into this lament. When he was dying, he begged his children not to follow in his footsteps as a writer. He told them they would be better off if they cut their hands off than be writers.
.....an extraordinary lament....and very nicely penned ★
Superb poem.......... “All these, O merciful Heaven you witness, why suffer them persist? O Source of sense and righteousness, why permit them drown in ruthlessness?
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