Love Shines

Waking up in the dawn
and see you lay in slumber
so carefree and sweet display.

I feel heaven that your love is mine
to touch and hug you for me is sublime.

Rising sun kissing the morning dew
enriches this soul with power of love
attune to the song of my heart's wish
lingering devotion to you that can last
lighting up the glitters of an inspiration
you alone have made my life complete.

God has blessed me so well
of all things nice and beautiful
often I pray that if those shall die
do take my life in lieu of my love.

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (15)

Excuse me? Elizabeth Bishop had no family.
So colourful and engaging!
She doesn't sugar-coat the mixture of loveliness and ugliness that is Florida. I love her bird verses - -who can resist: The state full of long S-shaped birds, blue and white, and unseen hysterical birds who rush up the scale every time in a tantrum.- -] and stand on the sand-bars drying their damp gold wings on sun-lit evenings.
Wonderful poem voted 10.
The Indian Princess makes me think of the myth of Pocahontas, in which '' she leaves her tribe and becomes a Christian'', but her skirt is buried in a swamp fulfilled with skeletons and the alligator is a kind of serpent that has a specific call for love and ''speaks'' in her ''throat''. It seems that this princess has no hope. It is more about a dying nature than about a life that grows up from death. The main expression is ''the fireflies map the heavens''.
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