Pillow surrounds my face,
Muffles sounds of pain.
sounds the heart makes,
When there is no you.
Love not flowing,
Only growing stale with no place to go,

Becoming sickness, bitter.
Superficial face, hidden melancholy,
blank stare into space; hollow people
Connection disconnected, making the day, next day comes.
Force building with no place to go.

Subtleties gone. Smells gone, smiles gone.
Needing those things, essence still here.
Heart with frozen tears, melt, please melt.
This life, out of me, new life waits but is not here.
The time between,
this love with no place to go.

Heart does not stop, mind does not stop,
time does not stop, love has not stopped.
We stopped. No more us, just I, the sounds,
Waiting with no place to go.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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