Flow It

Prove your quality
And ability
In simple way
And firmly stay

Poet has special domain
Within which he has to remain
And think over precisely
To put in clear terms and wisely

It creates flicker
In mind to offer
With positive approach
To present as such

Ideas rush in many forms
They caution and warn
About the way they must reflect
The real mood and show how to act

Not all poets present with
Same views as others try to relent
Come down to acceptable views
Let poets now make it as sensational news

They have sacred duty to present
Receive response in form of comments
Weigh it in favor or against
Flow it in form of poems and insist

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Hello poet friend Hasmukh. I enjoyed this piece and you have correctly written about the poet and the writer. Nice work. I don't know if I have asked you, but please check out my book of poetry, Using My Muse and Pumpkinny Tales, they may be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Thank you so very much, Loyd. Thanks for your support.
Prove your quality And ability