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I pluck a flower
Enjoy its beauty and fragrance
Is that all?
Should I throw it away?
Crush it under my foot?
Take it to my home
And use it as a book mark
So that years after
Someone would open
The book to read and
To know how my life was
And know that once I had
Pluck a flower and kept it
With care to draw its fragrance
While turning the pages.

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In this gadget era I doubt anyone will read such books however, In some library it will add a great value and probably one may find it interesting to do the research work why our generation's readers used to pluck flowers and keep it safe inside the book (for Bookmark, First love, fragrance etc...) Nice poem...10+
I am reminded of our childhood when in childish innocence, we used to keep feathers in our books with the hope that they would hatch new feathers! ! Elders also treasure such keepsakes! ! An enjoyable read!
Yes, I have pressed flowers in books to find their remaining essence later. Very nice.