Weathers Of Life Behind Tall Buildings

How white and bright were the lovely days
When tall buildings were rarely seen
No obstacle for the dancing naughty sea breeze
That moved like ecstatic girls of nice nineteen.

The sun scattered pearls on her shining forehead
The breeze sucked the wine of her passionate heats
The sea wild in tides, mistook her as a full moon
Just listening to the tales of her twinkling sweats!

I remember touching charms of too hot summers
When the nights were black moonlights in her teens
Jasmines more fragrant and roses were shocking pink
Venus traveling from west to east, with naughty preens!

How wet and romantic were the mild cold rains
When tall buildings were rarely seen,
No obstacle for the showers to touch and teach
How to fall in love to the virgin girls of nineteen!

Clouds were the curtains; days were black for views,
Sun, like an old grandfather sleeping with snores,
Freedom of dance, freedom of romance, what a chance!
The lonely wet noon, nobody to interrupt nobody to bore!

How cold outside, in a blanket even during the days,
The old tall buildings intercepting cold breeze from Siberia
The girl now old is sleeping; I'm alone to write a poem of love
A lovely time in the cold winter, calm and quiet no Hysteria!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (7)

Gracing your poems with beautiful rhyme scheme comes naturally to you. It's an unusual talent that leaves me mesmerized whenever I visit you page. Lovely depiction of the beauty of Sun Flower elegantly penned. Thanks for sharing Geeta.
You have a way with flowers which is rather rare The beauty of sunflowers, now all are aware And you have pleased us all with your poetic flair Thank you dear Geeta for being so kind to share
How joyful I am with the sun kissed flowers, How blessed I am to waltz with the yellow cheers! The flower who needs more love from the sun has been nicely described.
Sun Flower- the meaning of its Chinese name - flower that always follows the sun...nice piece! (Squirrels had taken all sunflowers in my garden this year so I'll give up growing them ;)
Walt Whitman would be overjoyed to read this- he too found joy and brotherhood with nature and their gifts to our lives. I too enjoyed this poem and the portrait of the sun flower and the spirit of a gentle loving enthusiastic soul
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