The Small Redbreast Sings And Dances

The small redbreast sings and dances
up and down, up and down
while it is longing for the rain
and under the tree my two dogs are barking,
are jumping to try and catch that bird
and it’s a curious kind of thing
but the small redbreast is not disturbed
until the first lightning bolt comes
and great drops of rain pour down around him.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (10)

Here i wander in April. Thanks for sharing.
Mind blowing narration of the enchanting manifestations of nature evident with the advent of spring and the month of april have been presented in this beautiful poem with rich rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing it here.
Not bad, Not bad, pretty good not bad not bad liked how it related to god
The Flower God- - - I find that exceptionally drawing...Spring, the Flower God.... isn't it wonderful how a new arrangement of common nouns can create a whole new stage where words can play. I also find it encouraging that a novelist can also be a poet
Lovely poem. Spring brings new life, a new rhythm to dance for.
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