SKB (4th December 1966 / Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India)

# Flower Of The Night

You flower of the night
And shed fragrance that melts like a butter inside the moonbeams
Shimmering in this crystal air, your petals bright and lovely like pouting lips inside passions
The last honeybee is now sleeping inside your womb, like a baby sleeps with her mouth in mother's breast
These stars whimsical and quizzical always as they are
Now watching your bosoms- curious and amorous
The lonely Moon around them looking for a company, looking at you in great expectations
So does the whole sky
This earth is sleeping like a dead elephant inside a jungle
Yet I wonder for whom you are so beautiful
That you only bloom for a night
And then disappear when the sun wants to kiss you
For whom you shed fragrance when all the doors are shut now and the streets are filled with scary dogs
You lonely flower, what is so in your heart that has designed such a fate for your beauty
I ponder and I am awake while the rest are in quiet slumber.

Shamik Bose 17.04.10 Calcutta

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Flower of the night is a nice poem. the futility of life that has to end withín a night and for one night to be so beautiful.. developed a nice idea. thank u for sharing.