Flowers And Candles

As I lie here,
Imagining the unimaginable.
Ironing out the irony of these irrational rations of deliberate deliberation that consume each parietal signal.
Laboring devoutly within this facility my soul has established;
Between these drums that beat only of your laughter;
Behind these optics designed solely to capture your image;
Stored with such care,
As only the most precious gem should be.
Here I lounge,
The paradigm shiftless,
Inaudibly quoting his vow.
An intrinsic monologue of affirmation;
Recited as if from years of dedicated study.
Promises more sacred than any mala to escape across my lips.
Each pronouncement,
Seeking only to forge your heart with mine.
Sculpting a twisted perpetuity.
Offering up to the Goddess,
A pop art tribute to your splendid beauty.
Dedicated to all you are beyond that.
The worth that reminds me how unworthy I am.
Paraffin wax,
To be bound to you in the same fashion as each individual strand within a wick.
The wax joining us together as we display this flame for all to see.
Our love weaves our life eternal.
White heather.
Wrapped to remind us,
To protect what's important to us.
Most importantly though,
To never forget that wishes...

by Duncan Standard

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love, flowers and candles, desire, wishes, yearning for fulfillment, , , , , , , , , human heart and its romantic ways. very nice poem. dear poet. thank you. tony
A refined poetic imagination, Duncan S. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.