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Flowers Of Mid-October
AIJ (January 2,1979 / Bacolod, Philippines)

Flowers Of Mid-October

He ran his building down so quickly,
Upon the gleaming steel elevators
His eager heart pounding loudly
Like drumbeats of African lore

To seek and purchase del'cate flowers
All fresh bouquets of Golden Roses
Tarry, my dear Ian, to deliver
The errand of a thousand causes

His forehead wet with desperate tears
Indeed it was Mid-October eve
And braving all his reckless fears,
Perchance to gain one that me might keep.

The palace is a faraway land,
He has to cross mulititudes of sand
Yet all guest require a messenger sent
(paalam para bumisita)
Lest the one, her displeasure vent.

He climbed into the royal courts
And onto the grand twisted staircase
When to his surprise - Behold the maiden! !
The one with Royal mole on her face.

Her demeanor - sweet,
And reaction more surprised? !
'Coz why you have come
Just when I arrived?
See, I have not dressed
In oh so courtly manner
Nor chicken have I cooked
In a little platter

Then she welcomed him to her abode
But I have work tommorrow, and this story must end,
for soon, unfold.

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