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Flowers On Valentines
JL (05-08-88 / Barnet)

Flowers On Valentines

Poem By Jeff Law

Valentine’s flowers, these don’t need any water
I hand this gift to the most beautiful daughter
In keeping these flowers alive, you surely can’t falter
The perfect gift for a perfect valentine, this moment needs no alter

This time every year, this day it comes and I shower you with love
Just like when I first met you, on the flower we both became a bud
Destined to become a petal, learning ever more
To finally be free of our cocoon and break out of our spore

These flowers bring no bees to ruin; the scent is natural bound
I only give these flowers to you, the most beautiful woman around
There is no vase to keep the water, no dying flower to be seen
No brown petals from lack of affection, the leaves are always green

People say we should show our love on every available chance
Not one day a year, but on this day the love it is enhanced
I will show my love through my flowers, and a poem smoothly chanted
You must be magic ivy, climbing over my heart because with you I am enchanted

You are an incredible flower, perched perfectly on the grass where the sun can rejoice
And I am the gardener, searching for the ultimate petal, of which it is your choice
I am in need to taste your seeds and destroy any weeds
And once you’ve allowed my green fingers to hold you, will you pick me to proceed

I pinch my self to make sure this is real, the pain is covered by joy as it shoots
Your stem, your leaves, your petals and flower, your beauty it flows from you roots
Your taste just like honey, the sweetest of essence
When around you I’m warm from the glow of your presence

If roses are red and if violets are blue
Your every single colour of the rainbow, it’s true
I could stare at your features for a day at a time
And wonder how this beautiful flower is mine

Happy valentines to my wonderful flower
To keep you will take all of my power
You don’t need any rain, my love I will shower
And love you for every second, for every minute, for every hour.

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