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Flowers That Never Fade
SH ( / Newport , TN, USA)

Flowers That Never Fade

Poem By Suella Holt

Flowers from the garden
will soon fade away,
but the flowers will bloom from God's bouquet.
Flowers at heaven's door
will bloom forever more.
Flowers from God,
bouquets galore.
I picked a flower that had faded away,
then I remembered God's word today.
A soul that's lost will forever fade.
Trust in God and be His bouquet.
A soul that's saved is in God's bouquet,
never to fade nor be decayed.
Flowers for Heaven will forever be,
blooming with love for all to see.
Accept a flower from God's hands.
He'll save you from the sinking sands.
A flower that God gets will forever bloom,
never-more to be gloom.

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