Augmented Love

As the waves of the sea
in its incandescence
of a myriad accumulative
of waves highlight

your dressings to call
to attention your inner beauty
that you yourself would in turn
make the glimmer shimmer

of the oceans greatest artifacts
of awe in transcendence
in actuality that your beauty
enhances these oddities of the seas,

when a mermaid can enhance and augment
she is no longer a mermaid
but a goddess of the ocean,
my lady love story

by Richard Ford Bunuel Whale Carnegie Edison Simon Hitchcock Welles Christ Antunes Rodriguez Kubrick

Comments (2)

(Flowers by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.) ... Stars they are, wherein we read our history, As astrologers and seers of eld; Yet not wrapped about with awful mystery, Like the burning stars, which they beheld. ______________________________________ **A beautiful ode to 'Flowers.' Much revealing.
I would like to put this on my gravestone