Flowing Hands By Gio Masserati

Flowing Hands

let my hands flow to answer you
oh, poemhunter heart
you seek me out to be a better writer
the flowing ideas start jumping from my head
onto paper, on reciepts, on pamplets, engraved in trees

you can not unsee it once you start
your hand starts flowing
words depart
you keep the momentum flowing flowing

never be penless when the mind starts running
writing and sharing from the heart
truly a blessed gift of art

you can't contain the contents that pour
just you be ready for more to explore
keep your paper close at hand
dont let it really ever run out
because that will surely cause a jam

ask to steal legal writing tablets
use church offering envelopes
find empty spaces on bulletins
or tear out address book notes

gum wrappers work turned inside out
it's when you're desperate
that, this, you'll find out
if you get cray cray and you're out to eat
grab a paper menu or carbon reciept
napkins work too

desperate measures call for this
like it or not
or you will miss
the opportunity to be creating
as you go about your
creative tap waiting

if you get stuck as all of us do
lay in bed hand close to pen
dream and close just one eyelid
and just when you feel you are empty
or falling off to sleep
the Lord God may inspire your hand

with hearts be tempting
love life and treasures within
will begin to flow through your hands and skin

writing writing all night long
riding riding nature's love song
you may lay there many times
and hope won't seem to flow
so those times get up and do your life
your body mind and soul may know

when the time is right
to spread your ink
across the bare and naked white
then remember what a writer always needs
a paper and pen by which it's hand feeds

until you've filled up every line
every sheet used
every rhyme
keep writing, hun, and don't you stop
until you've passed death's writers block

only survey your finished pieces
of your life's meaningful tapestry
relish for a moment
before giving it goodbye kisses

a final proofread
of spelling and punctuation
before letting it go
then release
your work of artistic love

on those darkened days when you need help
you'll pull poems out
to re-read their light
your lifelong contributions last
bringing hope and consolation from past

seek out others work
for more hope and inspiration
there's a comradarie formed
with other artists lamentations

you will 'be'
it's enough 'to be'
that will be
your legacy

Godspeed...now-go my friends and write your hearts out!

by Gio Masserati

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