CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)


Water, transparent, it's surface reflects my
image as if a liquid mirror.In this vibrant
dream we play, splashing, one another,
drenched we embrace.I peer loningly
into your eyes, I swear I can almost see
your soul.
A pear shaped water droplet slides down,
your nose, just as we kiss, it breaks upon
moist lips, our mouths sensualy, relay
unspoken disires, tongues dance in this
intamate moment of affection.
You feel incredible as I gently smooth
away a strand of hair which has fallen out
of place, I find myself falling more deeply,
into you with every breath I take.
Wildly intoxicating, your my new addiction,
unsatiable my appetite, of you I hunger with
a sence of urgency, far too long exillerating
fantasies lye unexplored, pent up, now surgging
to my conscious, yearning to be quenched,
by you.
Rapture engulfs my heart, united our passion
resonates utterly in my core, if dreams do
indeed mimic reality certainly splendid days
lye ahead to be shared by us.

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