(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Flunked Fool School

I Flunked Fool School.
Why do people continue
To try to push me
On to the next level?
I've already proved
I can't make it.
You've done your best
To encourage me.
Whatever life I have left
Just let me sever it
I can't even fake it.

Before I won the lottery
Not a friend I could find.
I would cook great meals
No one would come and dine.
I wanted someone platonic
Just to go shopping with me
But no one had the time
Then I bought that ticket
Now seems like everyone
Has up and changed their minds.

I Flunked Fool School.
Why do people try pushing me
On to the next level?
I know I'll never catch on
Cause I've been like this
Since the day I was born.
I sincerely know
I won't make it
I know my limitations
Because my brain can't take it.

Some say I don't have faith
Some say I don't believe.
But I say what I think
Is what is right
For I'll not embarrass myself
And make my own heart bleed.
Because I can't put out
What my own senses
So distinctivly and so noticably
Can not exactly recieve.

When you don't succeed
And make good grades in school.
They redicule and laugh
Expecting you to play along
And resort to acting a fool.
So I would rather choose
To just stay out of the game
Than not finish what I started
Then people can just be cool
And continue to treat me the same.

I Flunked Fool School.
I guess I should be ashamed
In a way I really am.
Some say it will ruin my good name
And no one will understand
Why I'm being left out in the rain.
What really does concern me
Is why should I go to the next level?
When I can't see
What's there to gain.

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