On The Beach (Free Verse Sonnet)

Late in the afternoon over the sea
the day poured out the last out of its wineglass,
the bay, the wave is coloured red
when on the beach you do kiss me.
Next to the coast our love lays step upon step,
at high tide the moon is beautiful to you,
our castles lie scattered on the sand
when water in and out wiping all things of us clear.
The stars stretch almost unending wide,
the lighthouse at Danger Point limps on and off
and you find God's poetry in the night,
tell that in the universe a struggle rages,
far away dogs are barking continually
and in the moonlight your face glows softly.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

Comments (1)

What a delightful poem, a little romantic write which is a pleasure to read. Love Ernestine XXX