RC (too many years ago / Canadia - so I must be Canadian!)


 Mercurial is my love for you;
Shape shifting apparition blithe.
In state of flux and never still
I dance with step unceasing lithe
And play whatever role you will
Or your slightest bidding do.

A different face does my love wear
As through each pendular arc it swings,
Between eternal friendship's weld
And love eternal lovers bring
When arms encircle, bodies meld,
And moonlight plays on skin and hair.

For I would be these things to you:
Father, brother, lover, friend.
What you desire that shall I be.
I forfeit self and without end
I offer love in all degree,
But for your least affections sue.

To plead my love in dead of night,
A moon by metaphor, I strive.
Come, reveal your will to me
That I may live and feel alive,
Though I your base apprentice be
And glow by your reflected light.

Robert Clarke
Copyright 1993

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A veritable sonnet Rob. Well put together.