RS (11/5/62 / Pasco, Wa)

Fly Away

Catching teardrops in my head
You’ll be on my mind forever
I’ll be a bag of bones
Driving the road alone
But you’ll be on my mind forever.
I wish I could fly away

Something has to change
I don’t know why I feel so empty
A little girl all alone
Eyes wide open looking to the sun
Fragile, falling to the ground without a sound
I wish I could fly away.

I’ve tried so hard
You are my every dream
But you are afraid, why can’t I melt your cold, cold heart
There was a time when I believed, but now it’s a memory
I wish I could fly away.

I can’t hide beneath my sheets
The time has come for me
I can’t sing the same lines over again
No matter how much I pretend
I wish I could fly away.

How do I find my way
I look around for something lost
And I realize it’s me
I wish I could fly away.

by Roddie Shanley

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