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Fly Away From The Nest
HA Hailey Agnew ( / Canada)

Fly Away From The Nest

I soar through the air,
the wind in my hair.
The birds in the trees,
they sing to me.
I'm flying away,
from this place of no change.
I fly for a new life,
I fly for a new beginning,
I fly far away,
to a place where there's winning.
I cried on that day,
because I wasn't ready.
Not ready to leave,
not ready to be self-depending.
But now I've grown up,
now I've matured.
Now I understand,
now I'm sure.
I fly now,
fly away from the nest.
Fly away from the known,
because it's best.
Now that I'm grown,
I fly into the unknown.
So that it may teach me,
how to stand on my own two feet.
I can take care of myself,
I can make good decisions,
I can learn from life,
and make a good living.
Now I fly away,
on my own,
forever more,
from now on.

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