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Fly In My Soup
CA (July 28,1958 / Hinesville, Georgia)

Fly In My Soup

theres a fly in my soup
should i let him drown?

theres a fly in my soup
i can't eat it now!

theres a fly in my soup
he's paddling frantically

i see a fly in my soup
d'ya reckon he see's me?

is he pleading to me in silence
'help me help me please'?

apparently he doesn't know
i detest flies and fleas

he's doing the backstroke now
begging me for his life

he should be so lucky!
wheres my butter knife?

should i smash him
should i fish him out

should i quietly depart
or should i scream and shout

should i toss a royal snit fit
or affect a dainty faint

hard to say but this i know:
eating it - i ain't! !

(written: dec.25,2004)

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Convert to Buddhism?
hummm....just do it get rid of it
Eat it Eat the fly! : -)