(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Fly Like The Wind

Fly like the wind with my love for a loved one,
I hope it does reach her before it's too late,
Travel so quick and stop all hope from fading,
For I know now that my love cannot wait.

Fly like the wind and bring joy from the sorrow,
Cross over land and the sea far away,
Into her life and so fill it with gladness,
Don't wait for tomorrow please make it this day.

Fly like the wind through the clouds to the sunlight,
Then warm her soul with this longing of mine,
And fill her mind with a picture of romance,
And touch her heart that's so truly divine.

Fly like the wind and speed on through the twilight,
Carry my dream to her as she does sleep,
And let her wake in the morning with feelings,
Of love for me growing and running so deep.


Comments (8)

Thanks for this wonderful expression of true love in your poem. Very touched. Best regards.
Effect of an Ode this love poem flowing freely impresses much to read!
Love carried on the wing, a beautiful metaphor Andrew, A very enjoyable read Love duncan X
how expressive and sweet this poem, the poet talking to his own mind... and urging it to reach his loved one as fast as wind taking his loving words and feels along with it...ten grade
Another lovely piece Andrew, again it is so well sewn together, all so accurately stitched. A thoroughly good read. I liked it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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