Fly With The Eagles(Political)

Fly up so high,
above the clouds and rain,
in to the deep blue of the sky,
ware there is no pain,

The sky will part,
wile the birds take wing,
as they harmonically start,
to swell up and sing,

They sing for the fallen,
they sing for the lost,
they sing for the survivors,
who ruffed out the frost,

They protect the defenseless,
honor the living,
who lay down defenses,
to protect the remaining,

Now you've herd it from me,
their is no ware better to be,
then in the clear blue sky ware you can see,
as you flying on the wings of the eagles.

by Poet of the River

Comments (4)

lovely write quite spiritual. will be reading more of your lovely poems in the future
Eagle high fly has soaring intentions..good poetry
Beautiful poem..very wise and great message loved it! SG
again nice poem and so spiritual really I loved it, , keep up the good work we are waiting the more from u :)