When the sun comes up in the eastern sky,
I head for the airport, it's my day to fly.
Such a thrill to sit at the controls,
to know before long, I'll soar past my woes.
From up in the sky, things seem so small,
my mind is at peace, nothing bothers at all.
If I can keep the calm feeling of peace so strong,
the task that awaits me, won't take too long.
Our own little plane is not big as a jet,
but it can take us to places some have not seen yet.
Free as an eagle on the lofty wind,
I take a deep breath and then I descend.
Disappointed that the day will soon end,
I look forward to flying again.
So here's to the wonderful times spent in flight,
no words can describe the beauty and sights.
Yet, they're in my mind and in my heart,
I can hardly wait to get a new start.

by Danita Sudderth

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