All I Am Is A Part Of That

What was there were the forces of creeping nature;
All I am is a part of that

From the inside out:
A gullet filled with my own filth;
A rotting pig inside a trash can

Lid on, lid on, shut it out

Let it out

I don't know what it is to let out;
So it stays
So where are you now?

I only ask myself
And only I can heed a reply

Don't look back they say;
No I am not
Only looking forward to what always has been
And what has always been has been released;
From a dreams wake of silken sheets
And familiar sighs
Good night again;

Before I can speak she reply's

by Andrew Sean H

Comments (4)

I love the ying and yang, the push and pull, the play with words that progress the poem from thought to thought. Excellent writing
Nicely thought poem with great imagery and nice flow.
Beautiful narratives of flight in different time -zone. People have different experiences.- - - - - - - - Some want so much to cross, to go away, somewhere, anywhere&begin again others can't endure the separation.
amazing and enchanting.