Flying In A Blue Dream (With Due Regards To Joe Satriani)

Between the earth and the stars
Hallucinates the sky,
As lover's gaze
Turns every stranger's eyes.
And vanishes silently
The mind's I.

Between the moon and its reflection
Creeps in the night
As the languid water
Unfurls its echoes.

Between the object and the gaze
Wallows the lazy hours,
As clay hands try
To pick a grain of sand.

Between the cloak and the dagger
The killer's frozen arms do not move;
Now it matters little
What he is supposed to do.

Between the hammer and the anvil
The metal turns cold,
Only the skull cracks
After the blow.

Blue pills,
Smoke rings,
cheap thrills,
Still not getting the glimpse.

by Ashoke Bhattacherjee

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The extremist in me, recognises the muse will be, Always with me, always with you. Danny