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Flying In The Wind
LH ( / London)

Flying In The Wind

My father died midwinter
they said I had to bring
the papers to the Town Hall
I longed to start crying

and how I needed someone
remembering like me
the kids we were so heedless
and only you could see

the house we knew together,
my father's voice and hands
his eyes now closed forever
his time gone like the sands

you drove me through the snowstorm
the Christmas shoppers gone
the tawdry tinsel dimming
the town a whitened tomb

we talked, you leaned towards me
to turn the radio
for music to console me
played solemnly, quite low...

The notes hit home like lightning,
Es muss sein, came the note
my heart stopped and tears flooded
my quick constricted throat

and this was all I could do,
turn off the radio,
and crumple all the papers
and say, just let them blow

for that is all we are, see,
when all our wings are pinned,
just scraps of papers flying,
flying in the wind.

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Comments (3)

Very moving Linda, I loved the last two lines. Sincerely Ernestine
I think you have some good rhymes and vivid, succinct descriptions here, Linda.
This is just beautiful, Linda. The last stanza is all too true...and was beautifully said. Thanks for this. Raynette