Flying To Freedom

Through the air soaring,
Definitely not boring,
Constantly moving,
Carving left,
Then right,
Pop off the coping,
Stopping for a second,
And then,
Down again.

Being shunned by guards,
Going from here,
To over there,
Trying to simulate flight,
Only worry is wheel bite,

No particular place,
No particular time,
I just go,
Wherever I go,
Thoughts not floating on mind,
A good spot is hard to find,
Flips for blocks,
Running imaginary clocks,
I am free indeed.

Can't conceive the feeling through mere words,
To feel the exhilaration,
You must experience the flight,
Just after the fight,

Spinning not too dizzy,
Vision fuzzy,
Focused on the matter at hand,
I find myself,
Speeding through,
Forgetting the stress,
Falling and making a mess,
From the elbow bleeding,
Not a physical state of being,
One of body and mind,

To know the cement wave,
Is to be,
Freer than the air,
I must say,
This is more than a sport,
I court more than a hobby,
It is an art,
It is a part of so much more and I,
I can't merely say in words,

I experience this every day,
Nirvana I have reached,

I can see myself as if I were a bird,
Up and down and back and fourth,
Through my hair,

The only thing to wake me from my dream,
Is the fall?
But that is just a part of it all,
I am free,
Perpetual motion always.

by Nicolas Henson

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