VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Flying Upon The Wind

I can step to the edge and the feel the wind
Wanting for something so perfect, and never sinned
Above the clouds before my world, is at my call
A blanket of sky above me and the clouds, where I fall

I can stretch my arms upon this shelf, in a hurricane
A step forwards is all that is asked, of my hidden arcane
Feeling behind me, is the past of the pain, I am the survivor
Maybe a complexity sought, in my mind longing for another

Alone, but I have created this, before me and now I leap
Into the abyss of an unexplored equation, found incomplete
Of my mind that has absorbed this knowledge, forever
This science is to be, a broken vessel of control, to decipher

Nevermore will I be lost, but free within a world, so vast
Finger tips explore, the waves of energy and sound at last
Anatomically perceived, within an antithetic, independent cast
This is my world now, and I can share for all those I’ve past

Many faces seek, a place in my memories, some good, some bad
A song is playing, aural sensation, so many collaborations, to pad
Making so many voices, into one single, collective, cellular soul
So I may take this organism, and fulfil, my heart that is a hole

A cherishment can be located, in my souls’ complex designs
A frameless construction as infinitive, as an imagination defines
Beating of my pulsating body flies, on through cloud and rain
Above the sun and the skies exterior, limitations need to gain

Looking upon my body, my arms my hands, electricity flows
Universal communication, a thousand languages, in one voice goes
A forest lands meeting seas of purified waters, a new life shall begin
We need not for sleep now, as, ourselves are focused on flying upon the wind

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