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Flying With Ella F.

Soaring, aerodynamic voice,
Engines purring silk and steel
Scaling effortless in flight
On wings of song.

Jetstream jazz to rattle bones
Of legions lost, lovers found
Among the blues of hell and heaven,
Night and Day.

Soft, she glides as vapor
Siren zephyr of seduction
Life and lust in sultry notes
Among the stars

Full throttle, thunder crackles
Peeling sky from crags of stone
Carving harmony from heights
Of rage and pain

Easing in for her descent
A perfect landing, glorious pitch
As cities lift their lighted fingers
To lead her home

Jazz' brightest constellation
Linking Dukes and Counts and Kings.
Time to rev those engines, Boys,
And take a ride.

by Lori Boulard

Comments (6)

Lori, this is the best! (as was she) I missed it yesterday and am so happy you told me about it. Your airplane metaphor was startling at first but after I got into it, I loved it, especially the ending. Great write. We should have my Lena poem and your Ella poem in a book somewhere, side by side. Now how about Sinatra, Como, or Judy Garland? :)
Lori...this is one of your best. Very tight with some good, original imagery. There's a magazine that specializes in poems about Jazz artists-'Brilliant Corners.' Send this one out. Good luck, John
That's weird, I posted one earlier today where I mention birds sounding like Ella (it's not anything like as beautiful as yours! !) . Great minds, eh? Fantastic poem Lori, to a woman well worth the tribute. Hugs Anna xxx
Great stuff Lori. Grand indeed.
Beautiful poem, great sustained metaphor, and a fitting tribute to a great singer
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