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Focus On The View

Focus On The View

Focus on the view
That's in front of you
No sense in visiting yesteryear
When all it brings is quiet tears
The past is tense and gone for good
Memories left misunderstood
Grasp the forward thinking plan
Rising hopes you'll understand
New horizons that you strive
And destinations will arrive
So focus on the view
That's right in front of you

30 Jan 2008

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Hi JoAnn! Lovely poem, made my day brighter already! ! ! *10*! ! ! Best regards Friend Thad
JoAnn, always look towards the future it is always brighter there. Memories are alright so long as they don't cloud the present view. Another winner here. Top marks Lil sis and thanks for sharing this one. Big Bruv
You have to step forward to a brighter day, not all things are sad in your past take them with you along the way, rainbows end is what you seek, go on now it's for you to reach... Andy xxx 10