Focusing Reality Lighting Self-Awareness

mesmerizing mind candle flame
returning to allure naked candle flame...
trance wavering flickering candle flame
lost melting moments stealing candle flame...

Greasy normally solid of form
wax cold wax grey still lifeless...
Grey lifeless dead wax
though strangely sentient...

Wax cold wax grey still lifeless
cold wax warm wax blistering hot...
a burning nova in cosmic creation
Wick like a vein soul lit within...

Light is dim flickering
in mesmerizing flame...
Voices husky superimposed
over crackle creaking rain...

Figures walk through dimensions
beyond trap time bound existence...
Catch glimpse multiplied universal
secrets figures glide serenely through...

So many different dimensional worlds
so many different symbolic cultural signs...
On elastic edge of meditated understanding
play before my inner eye plasmatic mind...

hand moves above lit flame
hand floats above hot vapour flame
undulates like cobra to siren flute flame
movements charmed siren flickering flame

hand dances flutters through yellow flame
hand kisses embraces caresses flickering flame
fingers spread butterfly fluttering through incandescing flame
fingers spread veil vapours through alluring incandescing gas flame

movement unharmed flesh ruffling burning flame
flame pressure wave body bends in this that way flame
hand held closer guttering wavering undulating naked flame
blocked burned sends slim curls of sooty smoke rising deflamed

asperse blackened smoke momentarily rises towards ceiling
asperse blackened snuff smoke momentarily rises ceiling climbing
hand dances teasing copulating through gauzy teardrop pulsing
hand snakes moving slowly back forth through flame slithering

perceiving consciousness is
a flow form direction a question of focus
waxing still solid candle is emitting light as
a result of being heated burning...

time magnifying glass concentrating
summer rays of light on a point on a surface
combustible until it bursts into flame...

mutation transformation flame
is conscious distance precise focusing
of reality light creates self-awareness...

less tension a cloudy day a winter day less
focus substrate mind fails refuses to burst into flame
elastic edge understanding plays before plasmatic minds...

reality is now or embedded in haunting
soft mind murmuring memories tragedies
reality is now or created in ego sustaining
glory roles escapism daydreams fantasies

reality is now, we are here now, reality is staring
us in the face now, it is here now; this time this place
this is reality, not memory not flashback future illusions,
delusions daydreams singing alluring entrancing siren songs;

reality childlike withdraws into game created illusions
reality role plays escapist fantasies character focusing forming
reality childlike defines control safe danger boundaries
in absorbing sustaining glory roles daydreams fantasies running

in victim rescue rescued help interactive control games
child imposes rules break down tear hiccup tragedies
prepares for adult world interaction conformity roles
in successive layers of killing off earlier childhood minds

teen adulthood reality responsibilities grew into our skin minds
reality is now we are here now reality is staring us in the face
now it is here now this time this place this is reality not memory
not flashback future illusions delusions daydreams definitely

consequences cause effect will implode on lives
startlingly immediate problems are unquestionably
valid there is no intelligence without context definitions
demanded solutions life cycle survival prosper failure equations

distraction emotion confusion
may still hand which moves...
gets things done wait we stasis
pause evaluate possibilities...

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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A beautiful and thoughtful poem, forcing the reader to think......................10