It's Yes To Art

It for years, it's
has tried to be effluent
in the art, of the dump.
Standing up, on its side,
even upside down, when it rains.
It is about affiance though, much it is,
that brings you to the, it's big Simona.
Logs of forever, are for plumbers, yes
of course and the other, butt any way,
you know that from expedience, to swells.
It flows outwards, instead of down words,
yes many are the arts in this there are.
Remember this if nothing else,
babies go first,
while boys fly through the air, girls well,
they just kinda lay there,
untill they grow, so able to
wrestle the bottle away, under there own terms.

by James McLain

Comments (3)

Nice vagueness of the fog in the Winter is depicted here!
Fine sifting, and on the very morning I read about fog in the law-courts in Bleak House.
For the hueless moonflower of love. Nice piece.