Dwelling On Love

The sweetest ever, adorably sweet; a lily pale as snow.
The most lovely human face, ever, belonging to a man,
How he is so strong in appearance and can seem so timid,
how he appears intimidating when he’s lovelier than the moon.

I am left stunned at him, amorous and intrigued with him.
Is it hard to understand that I still do not crave, sex?
Surreal for some persons, for me it is a love in purity.
Strange it is to most people, since they are sexually saturated.

Unless I am reading his poetry, unknowingly, huh…
If he is writing love poems and I am reading them, hmm…
Then I am reading them because he has sexually wooed me,
Oh my……. Goodness,
he is a beastly man. ♥

by nana salama

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Comments (2)

This is such a great poem Ray! I love the rhyme......such a great rhythm to this! I really enjoyed this. Sincerely, Mary
A brilliant, figurative description of fog and a brilliant use of fog as a metaphor, all with a brilliantly matching style. Susie.