KP (July 20,1992 / Idaho, Twin Falls)

Fog Of Me

The Fog of Me comes in swiftly,
A ghost a shadow a girl mindlessly.
There is no one who can compare,
Laughs and carelessness is everywhere.

One more person, is me, just no one cares,
I don’t exist so just forget me and call it fair.
Not worth a dime so why love me?
How can kindness from you come nice and easy?

I am nothing,
I am no one.
Why do you care?
Please let life stay unfair…

I am in the fog of my own despair,
Rotting in my own evil thoughts.
Why can’t you just stay with the girl?
Who was before I was acknowledged to your world…

Roses are Red, like your lips.
Violets are blue, just like me…
My life is not at all easy.
Rumors stay near all of it is thoughtless.

I am only pretty with a mask on.
So why do you stare into my soul?
I am so confused
How can I feel love for you?

Dancing with her,
I am lost in thought.
Getting B’s on every test.
You get nothing less then A’s

I am not as smart as her,
But you say I is because she is dumber
I can’t spell, all ways thinking
Now I know no more rose.

Rose less again,
Like the years before.
I am used to it.
Do not pity me.

For love is not easy…
So I shall give Rose to you,
no more thorns but kindness for you…
I am sorry for everything
That I may have done to you…

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