Fogged Time

Astray in the thick of fogged time
Greif Breathing in flesh full of decay

Wandering, not knowing time or place
In the pit of this tormenting mind

Talking to the dead love long gone
Strolling in a silent mad stupor

Vague eyes that seeing but saw not
The sans sanity prevailing on and on

The hopeless helping the heart beat in sorrow
Thoughts knowing her tears in wild warm eyes

Feeling eyes close silence sighing a song
The barren body scenting in sweat of rose

Memories full in the hollow of a hollow mind
In the peace of that silent nothing passion

Beauty biding the perfect paragon cold being
A fist of dead dust he carried in dirty paper

A love as magnificent as the moons light
Her scent dwelled in heart helped him on

Fogged in time paragon being in finite is
Soul singing to the full moonlit silence

A kiss in the breeze warms and brushes all
Love on the high hill felt the joy and pain

Love wants to be to live in one and every pore


by shokat habib

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