Folks Who Make Claims To Be Christians

Why are there some who say,
They believe in God.
Speak in tongues.
Pass judgement on others,
And how they live.
Where they live and with who?
Express issues they have with materialism.
Usually their lack of it.
Or what someone else has.
Complain about their ailments...
With associated limitations.
Are the ones to say to others,
No one understands where they are coming from.
And when asked 'why' they don't take their troubles to God?
They say...
'This has nothing to do with God! '

And these are the folks,
Who make claims to be Christians!
These are the folks,
Who produce their own problems.
And get upset,
They can not share their headaches...
With those who observe them all as hypocrites!
Seeking those they wish to inflict their afflictions.

'But isn't that demonic? '

I suppose.
They do get their teachings about the 'devil'
And 'sin' on Sundays!
Perhaps they can better tell you,
What it is they do believe...
That God does for them,
And when and where that is done! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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