Follow Me

Poem By Jean Gray

Follow me,
Look in your heart, I am there always,
I have been with you since the beginning of days,
I hold you up when you feel you are down,
I am the one who you seek, I wear the crown,
Feel me near you, tell me your fears,
I will come to you, hold all your tears,
You are my child, I love you so much,
Open your heart, feel my touch.

Follow me,
Walk in my steps, let me help you be free,
Hold onto my hands, just you and me,
Let me take you to a place I made and I know,
Where peace is everywhere, it shines, it glows,
Its called The Valleys of flowers,
Where the Angels sing in endless hours,
I will carry you through, don’t be afraid,
Remember I was with you, the day you were made.

Follow me,
Every time you ask for me, I will be there,
I’ll hold out my hand, take it, hold it, know that I care,
You are my child, I love you so much,
I will always give you my loving touch,
Just know I am with you, please let me be,
The one you go to when you want to be free,
Just close your eyes, I will be there,
No matter what, no matter where.

Follow me,
I will hold you, love you always,
Follow me child to the end of your days,
You will come to me one day,
To Heavens door, its not a long way,
Look to the skies, follow the star,
Follow the footprints I set, its not far,
Don’t be afraid, paradise is there,
Always know I’ve loved you,
Always know I care.

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