Follow My Ruin

Follow my ruin
Follow my trail
I will take you to places where I have always been
In the dark alleys where passion rained
Into the bright gardens of sunflowers
Through the traps of guilty maze
There is a lesson to learn
With every corner screaming pain

Known faces all the way
Some are smiling
Some withering away
Like estranged leaves of autumn
Follow my ruin
Keep coming from the nights into the days
To the conclusions of your conscience ways
Away from the wise monks handing safety pins

Follow my ruin
Follow my veins
There are words of memorable conversations
From the world that still describes me vague
It feeds me, addicts me and destroys me
Draws me in and secludes me in vain
No regret no pain
Numbness bleeds and numbness grows again
Making me strong like a thunderstorm
Becoming weak at your feet again

-A smile that explodes into my ruin and I follow it everywhere..



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