Follow The Beat

Poem By Lodigiana Poetess

The drumbeat sounds a muted drone
monotonous, unceasing.
The camp fires glows with embers
red, all giving heat decreasing.
My love awakes and with a kiss
left lightly, walks away.
My tender love he be by night,
my soldier boy by day

With feet still ragged from the march
o'er rough terrain and hills
and shoes of very thinnest gauge,
unpurposed‘gainst the chill.
But love will lead, I follow still,
so tired but wont succumb.
The pacing timed a heartbeat thud
I'm following the drum.

Where'er it leads is where I'll be
my love walks not alone.
The beating drum will play the tune
that soon will lead him home.
As always I will follow on
my fatigued limbs do smart.
My soldier boy will fight his fight,
but I will win his heart!

Comments about Follow The Beat

This poem has the resonance of history. Love marches in the same footprints.well penned.+++10 Robert

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