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Follow The Blood

Who said Blood has to be red
Oceans of the world the funeral bed
Oceans are cradles of Innocent Blood.
War the global olive press of the Innocent.
Nothing left-all life spent.
What policy calls oil. Innocent Blood is soil.
Thru much toil becomes Oceans of Blood.

Innocent Blood has always been considered crud.
War, an absolute deceiver greater than satan.
Innocent Blood is still awaitin-awaitin.
Waiting for war to confess.
It can not leave a single witness.
The truth must die with the naive youth.
All are young among the Innocent Blood.
War can not promote Peace just policy and procedure.
Camoflaging Innocent Blood as being meagre.
How can Glory be in war.
How can sacrificially slaughtered soldiers be glorious.
Would you cal Hitler a saint.
Existence knows war is faint.
Like wanton warden wearing war-paint.
Wartime, a modern man made metrinome Tic! ! Tic! ! .
The Innocent Blood drip! ! drip! !
Who said Oceans of Blood has to be red.
Follow the Blood-Follow the Blood! ! .
Some civilizations considered it, Sacred Mud

by Josephine DixonBanks

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