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DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

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have you noticed that when in trial
sure its hard to smile
but when im sick when im down when i cant move
when im just stuck when i just cant prove
myself when i feel detached from my body detached from life
that I've given away my life in a sadistic deal a fief,
or contract, this is when i write
this time is right
its then that i spill my best words on this page
even in my sickness and trouble i keep animosity far away like a careful sage
i choose to rhyme
when there is nothing to live for
when I've become something to abhor!
this is when you see me
just write write so happily
okay okay maybe this is just typing
whoosh whoosh listen as i sing
the words that i think and put them on a page just for you only for you
as long as you is the reader

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all that i can say is, as long as u write, the readers will not stop reading your poems...