CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Follow The Sun

The joy of the day,
Still sweet upon my lips.
The fragrance of collected beauty,
Like the sweet nectar of summer.

Today was colourful.
My emotions rising and falling,
Ebbing and flowing,
And like the moon, a silent light upon the earth am I.

The cheerfulness of laughter.
The tenderness of friendships.
The beauty of a kind word,
Sits delightful upon the evening air.

The unhidden knowing need for comfort and security,
Like a soft blanket in eternal youth,
To be seen in the darkness of the night sky.
I am ignited and visible.

I shall dance with you, in this evening sky,
Share a piece of me,
Until my eyes can stay open no more,
My merry day pulses your heart with mine.

This is indeed a beautiful day,
Let me sip it as sparse water in a heat-wave,
Like a a nursing child, drinking milk,
And cherish it like lambs dancing.

The joy in my new step arises,
The waves of remembrance do arise in time.
The magic of new adventures and travels,
Lays ground for the new tales I will share.

(For Lilian: This poem is in kind remembrance of Eric, Lilian's late husband, and with thanks for her living son Eric and family. She recounts their journey, which inspires me to write, Follow The Sun/Tuesday 29 May 2007, Bolton, UK)

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