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Follow Your Dream

This life is just an illusion, where we are stuck for this moment,
In the next we will be out of it, without any comment.
Rich or poor, we all have our problems that we have to work out,
Each of us is on his/her way, alone, I have no doubt. Problems, sufferings, even happiness are just fragments of the mind,
Some of us are pushy, some of us are timid, eventually our road will unwind.
Some say: "if I can do, you can do too" but this statement is untrue.
None has the same memories, life experiences, or same goals to pursue. Each person tries to interpret life on the way as he/she hopes fulfillment,
Some if promising to give health, wealth and happiness in this moment.
Look around how many found paradise or healing instantly now,
Just saying one word or following advise about how. It is very important to find a good friend or more, who gives you moral support,
Gives you a lending ear, agreeing with your decision, giving you comfort.
Because your decision is the only one which counts for your resurrection,
Life can become a constant fight, when you are surrounded with opposition. Don't listen for opposition, who just want to destroy your confidence,
Trust the highest wisdom within you to guide you with persistence.
So, follow your dreams, keep cool and most of all, be fair to them all,
That is the only way you'll win someday, and you can always stand tall.

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A cheery write full of beaming hope and words of wisdom.