MH (22 December,1985 / Grenada)

Follow Your Dreams

To whom much is given.

Much is expected.

Deep inside of us there is a desire or a hope to be something.

A fantasy which can be turned into many realities.

The power of Great hope and possibilities.

A struggle within yourself that never dies,

The power to reach deep within your soul to see what lies.

To discover that there is no limit.

To what you can do or where you can go.

If you believe then you can achieve.

Great determination can cause you to receive.

Never abandon your dreams.

Because of little disappointments and negative thinking.

Some people may see your potential,

But not tell you, you are special.

Sometimes they try to kill your spirit,

Because no matter what they do,

They can't come close or merit.

Some people are just destined for greatness.

It is stupid to try to stop them.

When they are bound for success.

Sometimes God doesn't unravel everything to us,

so that it will be in plain sight

Sometimes He needs us to be blind part of the way.

To help us realize the dream that will be revealed to us one day.

We have to hold on to the dream buried in our heart.

So that we won't let it part.

And help us find strength to start.

We have to jump a lot of hurdles,

take a lot of little giggles from the opposing side,

but not enough to stop the faith inside.

But we must dream freely,

Let it colour our heart like a rainbow

For dreams are there to follow.

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An insightful portrayal of the power of positive thinking. Faith Keeps Those That Keep The Faith - Mother Teresa. Beautiful motivational poem nicely written with conviction. Thanks for sharing Mysia.