Follow Your Heart

You can if it is wished,
Make attempts to touch this.
But through the wilderness,
And with kept faith...
I did not reach with obstacles to face,
Just to give away...
The fruits I have come to enjoy.
Or pretend that my journey,
Is completed and I am satisfied...
To sit with a doing to stay.

Oh no.
You can make attempts,
If you wish to touch this!
Be prepared to be afraid and frightened,
By those with appetites and drooling...
With a wanting of nothing else,
To eat and feast if you should fail.

'Will you stop with all this drama.
Where are you?
I can hear your voice,
But the path you have laid...
Has limited my choices to make.'

Follow your heart.
That's all it takes.
And if your faith is not strong?
There is nothing more I can say.

'Keep talking! '

I aint got time for that.
And if I did...
Why should I give it to you to waste?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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