NT ( / Ireland)

Follow Your Wild

Life dares you to break free
to let go of caution
and sail into the vast unchartered places
of the heart,

it can be
a friend nudging you,
a whispering within,
or a memory of a time
when you felt most alive,

you give up your dead and empty life,
tired of being tired-
you say what you feel,
what you need,
or you pack your bags
and leave,

oh! ! friend I dare you
to follow Your Wild,
and leap into life
while you are still alive.

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First I wondered how it is that life dares you to break free. A dare as we know can be made to show that someone is not up to the challenge. The book of life can be long and storied or sadly abbreviated. I am most intrigued by those that live boldly in line at the market more than those that leap from airplanes. Some need the rush to feel alive while others need only the gift of opening their eyes to the morning. Too many people have a bumper sticker mentality. A belief that saying carpe diem will make them live a different life. Perhaps some of us are just different and feel the urgency of the hour. Maybe we had that look in our eyes when we were daydreaming while the teacher spoke and our classmates dozed off. Either way it is wonderful that bliss is recognized and can never be said enough! !
You wowed me with this poem.... I felt the strongest urge to drag this battered and weary body back into the fray and the joy, the heights and the depths of following the road into the unknown! Dang, girl, that takes magnificent writing to inspire such a desire in me today! Love, love, love the entire piece but oh how that last stanza calls to my heart and soul- - - oh! ! friend I dare you to follow Your Wild, and leap into life while you are still alive. You deserve a million 10's for such creative ingenuity! !
I love this poem..to me, life is always about breaking from conformity and following the wild...you nail the journey.