Following A Bouncing Ball

Why haven't I contacted you at all?
My priorities have completely changed.
I had to adopt another focus.
It became too difficult for me,
To continue following a bouncing ball.
Especially one I thought I could hold.
But that ball you bounce,
Is too much out of control!

And as for me,
I needed to keep a peace concrete...
Within my walls.
You had me feel they were closing in.
And climbing over walls,
To breathe fresh air...
Over and over and over again,
I will not accept as an agenda!
Activated to keep on call.
I came to realize,
That's just not me.

Why haven't I contacted you at all?
I threw that ball over my walls.
And not a regret left do I have!
Not one in my mind there kept to stall.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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